Lahra Galor, Hamirpur

         In the middle ages the population and the settlements of the people had been rare. Everywhere there had been vast land was spread everywhere covered with bushes shrubs and trees or a lot of land naked practically with very less grass in rainy season and during the periods of summer and winter rains. The people everywhere had been cattle breeders mostly alongwith some agriculture. In such centuries people used to move from one place to other, mainly in search of such spots where they find some amount of natural drinking water in form of natural springs, rivers, rivulets and brooks.

         It was but natural that wherever people selected sites to raise villages or towns to live alongwith their cattle wealth. The lands where there had been water in one or other form and the land marshy and wet for longer periods in the years, the snacks and other creatures crawling over the cold, shady and green land. Thus it was quite obvious that the creatures like snacks may come across the men and the cattle and bite them as and when they feel that their life is in danger.

        The cult of snack bite treatment doers/snack charmers also developed in the lands as reffered above. Sometimes this cult became the part of the Tantrik way of treatment.

        At one time this branch of treating the snack biters had been related to the legendary Guga-Rana or Guga-Jahar Peer who had been raised to the position of a saint giving them some herbs, enchanted water, specially prepared black thread which used to be given to the victims to tie the threads in the arms, the neck or in the legs and advising them to forbid certain things. The cult of treating the persons bitten by the snacks or other poisons creatures is continued till now.

       One of the treatment of the snack bite is done with wet earthen paste  applied to the body of the victim. Sometimes he is advised to eat such wet earthen paste or so on. It is interesting to know that many people get cured of this treatment.

        In district Hamirpur there is a place named Lahra Galor where the place of worship of Guga-Rana (Guga Jahar Peer) is famous for such treatment. There is a temple with clay made idols and generally visited by many victims of the snack bite and others. In the month of August (Bhado) a fair is also organized on the name of Guga.



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