Shivling, Solang

       Solang is a place some Kilometers away from Manali to the North. It is actually the starting point of a Nala thus it is commonly known as Solang Nala. The entire area of Kullu-Manali is rarely beautiful and full of thick lush woods, streams, brooks and brooklets. River Beas flows between the valley. The lust for tourism have been making every beautiful place the place of business and enjoyment. Water, Snow, wild flowers, water falls, hills slopes, hill tops, lonely places in the green forests, rare varieties of birds and animals to the fresh cool air everything is becoming the prey of this process. To say about Solang Nala, many moneyed people want to establish a centre for skiing of International scale. The governments in the State and Center are liberally helping such people by allotting land, allowing all other allied objects needed by them for establishing business centers and the industries whatsoever they want.

     Two things have emerged. The danger for the environment and the danger of dislocation of the people. The policy of Tourism and the policy of development to create infrastructure and Industrialization have shown the picture of the future. Snow falls had been common in Kullu valley and at Solang these were very heavy. People used to play with fresh snow and make many things of their liking. A Shiv Ling as is evident from the photograph also have been made of the snow but the changing weather is an indication that after some years the snow falls will also reduce to  be end.       



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