Gurudwara, Mandi

       Guru Gobind Singh was the 10th Guru of Sikh Community. He was the ruler of some area confiscated from the Mughals with Capital at Anandpur Sahib. At that time Aurangzeb Alamgeer was the Emperor of India. He was deadly against the Sikhs because of the fact that under the leadership of Guru Gobind Singh they were waging Guerilla war against the Mughals and established own ruling territories. The Mughal Viceroys even killed to sons of Guru Gobind Singh. He visited Kullu and Mandi when Sidh Sen was the ruler of Mandi State. He welcomed and entertained Guru Gobind Singh for his bravery and royal personality. Guru Gobind Singh was very pleased on the behavior of  Sidh Sen and asked him to demand whatsoever he wished. He demanded that no one should attack or destroy his State. Than Guru Gobind Singh blessed Sidh Sen. Than Guru Gobind Singh Threw an empty earthen pot on the water waves of River Bias which traveled down without sinking. Then Guru Ji said : 'As this earthen pot is going ahead without sinking in the water, your State O Raja will remain safe like this pot. Who so ever loots Mandi he will be destroyed by Heavenly balls (Cannons). Ok.

      Guru Gobind Singh stayed at Mandi at the place where Gurudwara is standing at present. The original monument is on the eastern corner of the newly built Gurudwara. Sikh Community is most devoted and is very enthusiastic to construct, renovate and plan to multiply Gurudwaras of enormous size and grandeur thus Mandi Gurudwara named after Guru Gobind Singh is also one example. 

      The place where Gurudwara is situated was known as Kolsara. There is a big rock beneath the road under Gurudwara where a religious flag of the Sikhs is furling. It is said that Guru ji used to sit there for meditation. It is also said that Mandavya Rishi had been living for Tap there. During this stay in Mandi Guru Gobind Singh organized a meeting of 40 Rajas at Rewalsar. He also visited Guru Kotha. There are Gurudwaras at Rewalsar and Guru Kotha.       



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