Shree Khand

        The Nature has its own colors. At the sight of these different compositions man gets enchanted. Might be there some scientific reasons for all this but the people are so deeply involved in faith and do not believe the scientific angle. Everyone feels that he has to bow his head before the miracle of the nature. The miracle of the nature is Shreekhand Mahadev and Bheem Boiyan.

          Shreekhand Mahadev is situated at the height of 18000 feet and one can approach the place after an adventurous and tedious journey. The person who has visited/traveled the places of Religious and Historical importance and touched all the peaks of the mountains and traveled through the entire State on foot, only he can say with guarantee that the most difficult journey in the State is of Shreekhand Mahadev.   

         A decade before the meaning of going to Shreekhand Mahadev was like placing the life in the hands of death, because neither the path was good nor the drop of water was available during the three-fourth journey. Even than the sages and saint and some undaunted travelers used to go to Shreekhand taking all the risk along. The traveler had to carry all the material including meals, clothing etc. on the back during the rainy season  and that was like inviting an unwanted end.  But after the Shreekhand Seva Dal (Social Service Group) started manage things ten years before, the journey has become comparatively easy.

      Now a days many other people are also busy in managing hotels-dhabas to provide eating-drinking facilities, making arrangements for tents etc. to facilitate the journey. Now a days a road from Rampur to Bagi Bridge and from there to Jaon village has been constructed.   Five Kilometers ahead of Jaon Village after on foot travel comes Shinghgarh which is treated as base camp for the next journey. Shreekhand Seva Dal (Social Service Group) makes arrangements for lodging, dining and religious function is organized for 8 days. Reaching this point the travelers/pilgrims feel extraordinary exited for the forgoing journey.

       About one decade ago some people from Hamirpur had gone to Shreekhand. They had to face such great difficulties that due to the lack ness of meals, water and shelter the death was appearing before them.  So they made a bid to arrange 8 days Langar (Free Food for all incoming and outgoing travelers) every year at Singhgarh, Thachlu and Bheem Duari (cave) along with the arrangements of camping. Tarsem Lal from Hamirpur at present is the President of Shreekhand Seva Samiti. Tilak Raj and some others joined him to make a team who they tried to make the journey easy. Govind Ram Sharma from Nirmand Arsu also joined their team.

      By the passing of the time this Caravan continued to be long and long. Not only the people from Himachal Pradesh but from other State also joined the team of Seva Samiti. The  result is at hand. Starting journey from Singhgarh upto Barati Nala traveling by the side of a Khadd and 8 kilometers ahead upto Dandadhar there is a steep terrain here one could not get a single drop of water, the throat had to make wet with the drops of rain, but now by laying the water pipes throughout and fixing taps the water is easily available. The people have started to construct tea stalls and temporary Dhabas.

       After finishing the high up journey from Dandadhar such arrangements have taken place at Kalighati and at down hill Dhank Duar (cave underneath Steep slope) and at Kunsa such system has begun. Even the loss of Oxygen does not let the traveler feel tired. The valleys covered with multi colored flowers aspire to go ahead. The most encouraging factor if any is that is the slogans wording Bum Bum Bholey raised by the travelers. At Bheem Duari (cave) a big camp is seen, because by the emergence of dawn journey to Shreekhand have to be started because its necessary keeping in view the return to this place well in time before the night falls.

           It is said that some people pitch Tents by the side of Nain Sarover (lake) popularly known after Goddess Parvati in between Bheem Duari (cave) and Shreekhand Mahadev for the facility of the Pilgrims  this year. Going on seeing the rare Brahm Kamal (Lotus of Brahma) the steep uphill path begins towards Shreekhand. One needs to keep in mind that the most attractive place named Bheem Boiyan is at hand. The destination of the journey is obviously the sky touching Shreekhand Mahadev, which can be seen from Mother Bheema Kali Temple Complex situated at Sarahan in case the weather is clear.  But Bheem Boiyan which is below the glacier of Shreekhand can be witnessed in between the heaps of stones.

    Now about Bheem Boiyan. It is necessary to tell that Bheem Boiyan that means Bheem's Bahian (Record Books) . It is presumed that the record of the travels and life of Pandav Brothers is noted in these books. Actually there are so many stones pieces (Layers) rectangular and square looking one after one in the heaps. It seems that numerous alphabets have been written on the plain layers of the stones in some special script. Nicely finished like hand written old script.  The stones pieces look like the orderly cut Barfi (Sweet meats) and people think that the history and record of a long period has been kept in them.

       It is believed that when the Pandvas were passing their exile period, Bheem used to write about their journeys and accounts sitting here. Looking around Bheem used to ponder over, the things and happenings which come to his mind he put them in the record book. This way a heap of the record books arose here. The pilgrims (travelers) do not forget to see this wonder of nature and salute that. People get astonished at the sight of these wonderful rocks. It is interesting to note that the rocks of this type are scattered here and there in form of heaps or orderly  stockpiles.

      Now a days one may start his journey to Shreekhand via Jyuri-Ganvi and people may go ahead from middle September.   If you go to Shreekhand along with proper and full arrangement, you must opt to see the Bheem Boiyan (Nature's rare wonder). If one thinks that something in detail or in description have been written on these wonderful rock pieces he must think that the written material have any known language. The researchers of scripts and languages may take up mental exercise .

    How to approach Shreekhand and Bheem Boiyan?

   The scenario of Bheem Boiyan appears when one reaches near Shreekhand. The traveler or pilgrim can start his journey from Shimla, Mandi or Kullu via Rampur. From Kullu to Rampur there is a Pukka road via Nirmand and Bagi Pul (Bridge).  Now the road has been constructed upto Jao village beyond Bagi Pul (Bridge). Travel by Vehicle is possible upto Jao village. From there the track runs by the side of Kurpan River. Traveling 3kms comes Singhgad.  This place is considered to be the base camp of this journey. Shreekhand Seva Dal manages Langer (Common Food) and camp here. The next journey starts in the morning. People go in groups. The journey ahead is on foot. Again there are one or two stays in between. First stay is at Thachru and second one at Bheem Duari (cave).  At Thachru and Bheem Duari temporary  tents are pitched and stalls for food are also managed. Langer arrangement is also said to be there that means free food tea etc. for the pilgrims. Before Thachru such arrangements are at Dandadhar and after that in Black Valley (Kali Ghati).  The journey days are generally in the rainy season with severe cold, thus one must take along rain coat, umbrella, warm clothes, torch, rope, knife, medicines etc. The most favorable period for travel is June, July and August.  In July Shreekhand Seva Dal remains at service, thus due to proper arrangements no one feels much troubled.    



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