Jogni Fall, Mandi

   Jogni Fall is 7-8 kms away from Mandi. It is on the other side of River Beas on Mandi Kullu Road's 7-8 kms destination. Practically it is a rainy season's water fall. Later when the water in the Nallah dries up the fall also disappears. The hill from which the Nallah comes down and joins River Beas below 7-8 kms point, is commonly known for the old times witch and wizards practice. This area is known as Ghogher Dhar and its allied parts and the tales of witch and wizard craft are told upto this time. This craft is related to the Jognies of the Pauranik stories as is believed. In the rainy season in the month of August (Bhadon) it is said that the Jognies and the Devtas (Deities) fight against one another. Before the Jognies set out for the battle they take bath underneath the water fall. For this reason this fall has been named as Jogni Fall.


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