Rewalsar Lake


 Rewalsar is now a days one of the famous lakes of Mandi District. It is known for its being the place of three religious Sects-Hindus, Bhudhists and Sikhs. All the three relate their stories to Rewalsar. Hindus claim Rewalsar their's as they say that Lomas Rishi lived here for his Tapsya (Tap) and gave his name Lomas. Bhudhists say that there Tantrik Guru Padma Sambhav perform his Tantrik rituals alongwith Kumari Mandarva, the daughter of some local Ruler and he burnt alive Kumari and Padam Sambhav both. They say that Padam Sambhav emerged alive and for this reason they named the place Padamasan. They also claimed that the floating land (soil) pieces were the incarnation of Padam Sambhav. Hindus considered the floating land soil pieces the Pauranik Gods i.e. Shiv-Parwati, Sita-Ram, Krishan-Radha and Brahma as they numbered seven. But there is not even a single floating land piece now a days due to the reason that the lake filled with dirt and filth and land soil etc had to be cleared off more than once. More over on the name of beautification its natural shape has been changed many times. Sikhs consider Rewalsar their historical/religious place as 10th Guru Govind Singh organized a political conference of 40 Rulers of the hilly Princely States and others.

       Temple of Lomas Rishi, Gumpas of Bhudhists and a Gurudwara of Sikhs are in Rewalsar alongwith some other Gods and Goddesses. A huge idol of Avalokiteshavar (Padam Sambhav) has been built sometimes back on the Western Hill Side which is one biggest of all others.

       Rewalsar is 24 km from District Head Quarter Mandi on way to Hamirpur, Una, Jalandhar etc. One may come from any sides to Rewalsar from Chandigarh, Shimla or other places. Its not necessary  to come to Mandi as there are number of places on every main roads (State and National highways) from where track to Rewalsar can be taken. If one comes to Rewalsar he may get much more information about legendary/epic/pauranik stories etc. Baisakhi is the most famous fair of Rewalsar both of Hindus and Sikhs. Thousands of people take holy bath. Chheschu is the fair of Budhists at the end of winter. 



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