Parashar Lake

      There are three famous lakes in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh. These are Kamru Nag, Rewalsar and Parashar. Parashar lake is to the North-Eastern part of Mandi  in the interior hills. The height of the lake is said to be 8500 ft. above see level.

      To go to Parashar one may start his journey from Mandi, from Kullu and from other places situated in the interiors. The journey started from Mandi will carry the traveler to Kataula, Bagi and then to Parashar. This is now a days vehicular road. Some short cuts are also there to reach Parashar. The travel from Kullu will bring the traveler to Bagi via Bajaura, Kandhi and Tihri. If anybody likes to travel on foot he may turn towards Parashar from Kandhi (Dulchi). One track on foot as well as on link roads is from Thakoli and Nagwain.

      As about Parashar, here is a small lake in between the hills surrounded almost circular where a piece of land(soil) floats. The lake is also circular. The water of the hills pours down to the lake and stays there as there is no outlet. This is a snow falling area, every year the snow fall repeats 3-4 or more times. Thick woods are there on way to Parashar but the hilly top area is though treeless but lush green particularly in the rainy season.

      There is a Pagoda type temple near the lake devoted to Parashar Rishi. It is said that the temple was built by Raja Ban Sen,  the founding ruler of the Mandi Princely State. Legend is there that the temple was constructed with the timber of one single Deodar tree. Though it has been repaired more than once as the timber gets rotted. As Parashar Rishi is said to be the son of Pauranik Rishi Vyas who is also said to be the writer of Mahabharata is considered to be most respected in the galaxy of Rishis (turned into Deities). Thus a number of functions and fairs are organized on the name of Parashar every year. Thousands of people from Mandi, Kullu and other Districts come to the fairs. Now a days two rest-houses are also here. 



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