Narla Water Fall

         Pathankot-Mandi-Manali road is one of the oldest motor road. Narla is a road side marketing place on this road 25 km from Mandi and about 30 km from Jogindernagar. Almost all the buses on way to Pathankot side or towards Mandi-Manali sides stop here for taking tea or having lunch every day. There is a small Nala near the Narla Bazaar. This nala contains the water which a water fall is supplying to it since centuries.  A big mountain range lying over the Pathankot-Mandi road named Ghoghar Dhar have its slopes towards the road. Some small seasonal Nalas also come down from this Dhar. The fall which is by the side of Narla Bazaar is also such one. There is a small nala running down which turned into a fall the place which is thickly rocky in length.

       A legend has also related to the origin of the fall. People tell that the slope above the Narla Nala was dry and the area was the grazing land of the people. In olden times a boy unknown to the local people came there and stayed with some family to tame there cattle. He used to take the cattle to that part of slope also but the family with the boy was living was astonished that how he feeds a cattle with water. Some of them wanted to know the reason that how the cattle are living without taking water. At midday when the sun rose high and scotching hits spread all over he gathered the cattle dug out one spot with his stick and soon a spring of water appeared there and water started flowing but as soon as he witnessed some one looking him he disappeared at once and did not return to family with which he was living.

      People believe that the water spring which emerged from the dry land dug out by that unknown boy is the water which is flowing in the Narla water fall. A yearly fair is organized now a days at Narla where people from far and near come and take bath beneath the fall and Dev Khel takes place at night as some Deities of the area are carried to the place. The Gur of the Devi and Devtas reply questions of the people relating to their problems.  



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