Mantalai, Kullu

       River Beas and Parwati both emerge from the hill tops of Kullu District though the name of river is Beas but river Parwati is bigger than Beas upto Bhunter where both rivers turn into one. Parwati river originates from Mantalai (Man Lake) which is at the top of the mountain in the Parwati valley. Parwati Valley means the area of the flow of Parwati river in between Bhunter and the place said to be Mantalai. Mani Mahesh a famous place for hot water springs is almost in the central part of this valley. There are parallel hills and hillocks on both sides of the Parwati river.

      In the photograph one may see the spot from where the Mantalai starts turning into Parwati river. The name of the river has been related to the Goddess Parwati the wife of Lord Shiva as per legend.  



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