Neelkanth, Lauhal & Spiti

      District Lauhal & Spiti of Himachal Pradesh situates in the hilly spread over of the Western Himalayas with cold desert areas and limited spots with greenery and trees. The high mountains being snow clad most of the part of the year are the source of the water which have at many places collected in lake water deposits. There are a number of lakes near the hill tops in Lauhal & Spiti District. Water of the glaciers which have been also in numbers have the share in creating lakes besides other natural processes. Neelkanth is also one lake of this type.

      Neelkanth lake is also at the height of 16,000 ft. It is situated above the Jahlma and Thirot villages of Lauhal. One may start his journey from Tandi from one side and from Udaypur from the other turning towards the hilly area from Jahlma. The path to climb to area of Neelkanth lake is on foot. The route is enough time consuming and tiresome and even then inspiring for the adventurist and pilgrims. Commonly the place is related to God Shiva who is also named as Neelkanth. Legend is there that God Shiva drank away all the poison which was created by Samudra Manthana, thus his throat turned deep blue. The color of the lake water is transparent blue which is surrounded by rocks and gives a charming sight. Pilgrim and traveler both visit the place.     



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