Taal, Hamirpur

      Hamirpur District is surrounded by Mandi, Bilaspur and Kangra Districts and is situated practically in the central part of Himachal Pradesh. The area of the District is beautiful, green and is a land of peasantry and cattle breeding. Some famous temples also are in Hamirpur District like that of Baba Balak Nath, Tauni Devi, Santoshi Mata and some others. Tira Sujanpur and Nadaun are historically famous with many historical temples and other buildings.

     But Taal is not historically very old place. It has been developed recently and the Taal (small lake) is also man made and the water in the Taal is also the collection of the rain water. When it is full of water, especially in rainy season the scene really appears to be very attractive. The name of the place is also Taal and developing into a bazaar of the present day. The reflection of the trees as one may see in the photograph add to the scene.

      Taal is situated 4-5 km from Didhwin-Tikkar towards the interior side. One may approach Taal coming from Bhota to Didhwin-Tikkar. The other route is from Hamirpur to Didhwin-Tikkar and then Taal. As now a days a number of roads are there then so many other ways can be taken to reach Taal. But Taal is just a place simply to see.



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