Dhankar Lake, Lauhal & Spiti

       Spiti part of Lauhal & Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh is commonly known as the cold desert of the western Himalayas. Even then Spiti has many attractive and beautiful spots with greenery also. There are several lakes in the highly mountainous areas of Lauhal & Spiti as Surajtal, Chandertal and obviously the Dhankar lake.

      As is clear from the photograph, the scene of Dhankar lake is very beautiful and eye catching. On one side a part of the sandy hills can be seen and by the sight of the lake some greenery can be seen. A scanty number of plants are also on the slope of the sandy (desert) hill.

       To reach Dhankar one may come from Manali to Rohtang and then to Kunjam pass from where the Spiti area begins. Dhankar is on Kaza road after Tabo monastery coming from Kunjam side. The 2nd route is from Kinour to Kaza the Administrative Head Quarter of Spiti and then to Dhankar. The Dhankar lake is some 5-6 km above Dhankar which situates by the side of the road. It is a holy place for the Budhists and an attractive place for the tourists interested in studying the Himalayas and its people and culture.  



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