Dehanasar, Mandi

       A lake at the height of about 16,000 ft. in between Mandi, Chamba and Kullu Districts by the side of Chauhar of Mandi districts is really far away for the travelers from the above mentioned districts or from other outer areas. One has to start his journey from Jogindernagar by Bada Bhangal, from Thaltukhor upwards, from Lag valley of Kullu district and from Holi (Bharmaur). But the tracks to reach the lake are almost on foot journey.

      Dehanasar (Lake) is really most attractive and wonderful as its water is transparent blue and the rocks on the side or at some places in within the waters adds to the scene the majesty of the nature. The water is very cold but even then people coming to this lake in the month of Bhadon (August) on 23rd day to take a holy dip rarely hesitate to take bath. Dehanasar is also considered a sacred lake. The photograph of the lake is an evidence of the wonder of the nature and the high mountainous sight. One who reaches here does not like to come back but reality of the life is otherwise. The travel being most tough and tedious does not demoralize the people who come in thousands of number for the holy bath and also to see the secrets and wonders of the mountains.   



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