Dasouhar Lake, Kullu

     At the height of about 15,000 ft. a beautiful lake named by the people Dasouhar is situated in between Rohtang-Pass and Bhrigu Lake. If anybody or the group of people interested to see this wonder of nature and mountains he/they may come from Kullu to Manali and then to Marhi and Rohtang. Or they may take another track from the side of Bhrigu lake. Traditionally the lakes in Kullu area are considered to be the sacred places and thus to take a dip in holy water continues since centuries. A fair is organized every year in the month of August (Bhadon) i.e. on 23rd Bhadon. On the Day thousands of the people from Kullu and other Districts come here or holy bath.

     Apart from the cultural traditions the geographical area, the  splendid greenery and the majestic natural scenes are something which the pilgrim to Dasouhar lake can not forget. It is the extraordinary endure of the photographer with mission. The photograph of the lake is the real witness of its being miraculous. It is somewhere on the top of the hill or at a place like pass.



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