Luddi Dance

        Dances in Mandi district area are commonly popular in the interiors, hilly places. The dance of these areas is Natti. Natti is the combination of dance and music both. Traditional Natti is devoted to the functions of the deities. But in present times Natti dance and music and songs have been made the subject of the cultural demonstration in the fairs and festivals.   

       So far as the area of the plains or the adjoining areas are concerned the dances here are said to be Luddi and Giddha. Traditionally these dances used to be demonstrated or done at the times of marriages in the closed rooms. Giddha was the dance of the ladies as well as Luddi was common for man and women both or as per convenience of the family. By the passing of the time the young people exposed to cultural activities in school, collages etc. and by virtue of that the performance of the school and collage team in competitions inspired them to carry Luddi and Giddha to the stage. Thus is the type of one or the other form of the dance or to say folk dance.  They (cultural groups of the educational institutions) started trials to define the form of such folk dances.

        Some cultural organizations which appeared some decades back also tried to study the forms of Luddi and Giddha prevalent in the communities of the area and also tried to make them speedy, attractive and with modern look. The scene of the dance said to be Luddi looks men and woman combined performance with so called traditional dresses which actually are only performing dresses. Luddi also is made more attractive by combining melodious songs.



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