Pangi Woman

        Pangi is an area situated by the side of river Chander Bhaga flowing from Louhal down to Jammu Kashmir area. The population of Pangi is scanty and scattered on both sides of the river though the inhabitation goes up to high hills. It is the part of district Chamba and one had to travel on foot over the Saach-pass to reach Pangi covering long and dangerous snowy slopes. But since some years road has been constructed to connect its divisional administrative Head-Quarter. Few employees have to live there to carry on the administrative functions and duties. It was considered Kalapani by the officials and the employees till there was no road. Now a days one can go to Pangi via Saach-pass reaching there from Tisa and come through Kullu-Manali crossing Rohtang-Pass to Udaypur and then to Pangi subdivision Head Quarter.

         As one may look at the photograph of three women from Pangi in their local traditional wears may think of the photographer who adventured to reach Pangi and take such photographs which carry the viewers of the photographs to such lands of wonder and difficulties. It is really a passion as well as a mission to acquaint the world with the people of different traditions and behaviors.



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