Kinnouri Natti

        So far the area of Kinnour is concerned it is the biggest in Himachal Pradesh under any District. Kinnour is the land of tribes and tribal people generally of Mangolian and mixed features and having many dialects of Tibbeto-Burmese and Aryan roots. The population of District Kinnour is very less as the land scattered allover is hilly and under cold desert zone. 30-40 years back it was very difficult to travel through Kinnour because there had been no roads and vehicular traffic as it is today. Everything transported to Kinnour and from Kinnour was had been through the horses, mares and the goats and sheeps. The climate was almost cold through out the year and snow fall had been the regular feature.

         But now as Satluj river and its tributaries have been turned into tunnels to harm ness electricity, roads constructed to carry material for construction and other requirements have changed Kinnour many ways. Even the climate has also been fastly changing. The system of development in all respect is becoming new and commerce oriented so it is obvious that the traditions are also changing. Kinnour like Louhal  Spiti, Kullu, Shimla and Sirmour have rich traditions of folk dances and songs but these are also being influents by the new air of change.

         A performance of a folk dance has been photographed which is evident here. This photograph is the wetness of the fact that new changes in relation to dresses have taken place. Though the dresses represent the old traditional patterns but the style of presentation and have new touches. The popular folk dance is Nati. It continues but subject to new changes. No doubt the dancer have worn Kinnouri caps woolen clothes and the shoes and perhaps dance traditionally but with new looks. The photograph is attractive and live. It naturally impresses the viewer.



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