Spiti Women

        Louhal-Spiti is the remotest and hilly cold desert area. It is one of the biggest area based district with least population. The residents of these areas especially of Spiti are the representatives of some old tribes related to Mangolian blood or so. Spiti remains cold and hot both through out the year due to the reason of its being cold desert. There had been no burger in the area accept some places down by the side of the rivers. The people are generally shepherds and horse breeders. they have been nomads since centuries and carry along their cattle to Kullu, Kinnour and other places of Himachal Pradesh.

         Even in most tough living conditions the Spiti people are very hospitable. They keep their special tradition of welcoming guest. The women of Spiti in their traditional wears and ornaments as one can see in this photograph are ready to entertain the guests who they are coming to them to attend their festival or some family ceremony. They are holding some pots and a bottle in their hands possessing local drinks and it is typical that this is the privilege of women to welcome guests and relatives. Dresses includes showls, gowns, necklaces and the sheets of precious stones.     



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