Beauty Of Bharmour

        The area at present known as Bharmour is the same track which was Brahmpura the capital of the State of this name since centuries. A Princely State was established by one Meru Verma a cadet came from Ayodhya sometimes in the middle of 6th century. Now a days Bharmour (Brahmpura) is a subdivision under District Chamba of Himachal Pradesh.

          It's name Gaderan is related to the people who settled here because the settlers have been shepherds i.e. sheep breeders and are nomads through and thorough and partially small peasants. This land of shepherds is mostly under Bharmour, though they travel to Louhal Spiti, Kullu and other areas adjoining Gaderan (Bharmour).

         The area under reference is under the cold zone and the valleys and the hills and mountains are all cold enough during many months of the year. The residents of this area are thus fair complexioned, especially the women and bells are rarely beautiful. It is said that during the middle ages some people came from Delhi area due to historical events. This might be true if one tries to find out the background of the dresses of women folk. As is evident from this photograph two bells are dressed in Choli-Ghaghra-Saries. They have also taken Duppatas on their heads and woolen rope around the chest. Under this dress they wear Salvars tight near the knees. This dress is common up to this time though the women dress themselves in  these traditional wears during fairs and festivals otherwise they have shifted to Kamij-Salvar and Duppata with Shoes of the present times. The women also like to wear silver and golden ornaments like necklaces, ear rings, bangles etc. The Gaderan women are hardworking and travel with their men when they drive their sheep herds to various grass lands and hills.     



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