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        Mandi District is an Administrative Unit at present. It is composed of Two Erstwhile Princely States named Suket and Mandi. Suket Princely State was established by Beer Sen a Prince of the Sen Dynasty ruling somewhere in the eastern part of India, presently the area of Bangla Desh, West Bangol and some parts of Assam, coming to the hilly area presently known as Himachal Pradesh from Ropar where his ancestors had come due to the attacks of the powerful rulers here and from outside. Beer Sen a Brave Prince and Warrior conducted a campaign against the local feuding Thakurs and Ranas who they had been occupying small territories here and there soon defeating them turn by turn captured a vast track of land  thus established a Princely State with Capital at Pangna (Presently under Karsog Tehsil/Subdivision). It was the first Princely State established by a Prince coming from outside about 765 A.D. In the central part of Himachal Pradesh.

         Mandi Princely State was established by Ban Sen the son of Karanchan Sen who was Petty ruler of Mangalore near Banjar (Kullu) and his Queen was the daughter of a Rana of Shiva-Badar. A legend is there that the mother of Ban Sen gave birth to him beneath the tree of Ban thus his name was kept Banu and later Ban Sen. Mandi branch of the rulers is an offshoot of the Sen dynasty of Pangna later known as Suket. Thus practically the rulers of both the Princely States are kin but had been quarreling for extending the areas of there States. Mandi Princely State was established nearly in 1200 A.D.

         These Princely States were encircled by Kalhoor, Kangra, Baghal, Kullu, and some other small Thakuraies and the ruling units of Ranas. The stories of the rulers of the middle periods are the stories of endless fights for capturing territories. Even Suket and Mandi also had been in wars continuously. From the beginning of Thirteenth century Sultans of different dynasties ruled many parts of India from Delhi till the first quarter of Sixteenth century A.D. Some of them tried to bring the rulers of the hills to bring under their control but not for long periods. But from the period of Great Mughal Akbar the Princely State of the Hilly areas were brought under the Royal control including Mandi and Suket. These Princely States remained tributaries to the Mughals till the Mughal dynasty was pushed out of the power by the East India Company of England. At the break of the Mughal Empire into pieces and the rise of Marathas and Sikhs and Nawabs etc. And the attack of Gorakhas from the North-East destabilized the Princely States at present under Himachal Pradesh. Mandi and Suket Princely States also faced the music of the time. After Independence the Hill States also were merged into Indian Union and on 15th April, 1948 a New Class-C State Himachal Pradesh was formed as Union Territory. After this merger Mandi and Suket Princely States were combined into one District with the name Mandi District.

         All the Princely States scattered over vast Hilly Area, namely the Western Himalayas have been having rich Heritage of Art, Culture, Sociological History, Religion as well as History and the Language (Dialects). Any body who wants to know about Mandi, Suket (Now Mandi District) may come and wander here for months together as well as come across the Photographs taken by an Innovator and Researcher - Birbal Sharma.                             


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