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          The Himachal Darshan Photo Gallery established on 24 April 1997 is a symbol of undaunted and unparalleled entrepreneurship shown by Birbal Sharma, a professional Photographer cum journalist. The unrelentless efforts of Birbal Sharma to unfold the picturesque landscape, glamour of mountains, valleys, rivers, lake, hazards in the life of hill people with focus on their socio-economic activities vis--vis agriculture, cottage industry, Social life, customs, festival etc. under one roof or one album has, off late, become a reality.

The rare and wide collection of photographs of places of historical significance, developmental monuments, cultural and social events depicting day to day life of Himachal Pradesh is the evidence of relent less energy, resources and efforts put in by the photographer to achieve this task. According to Birbal Sharma this Photo Gallery, situated 4 kms away on Mandi-Kullu Road (Nh-21) is an obeisance to the profession of Photo Journalism and is aimed at to generate an awareness for conservation of the The Nature and the Heritage in its true colour. The journalistic aptitude in Birbal Sharma has helped him see contemporary life and its realties, with a consciousness to protect our art heritage from vandalism. Birbal Sharma also associated with a social action group 'Puratatva Chetna Sangh' has highlighted through his Photo-journalism the need to document the art and cultured heritage.

The photographs are unique in the sense that they provide a panoramic view of the various aspects of Heritage Tourism and Adventure Tourism. The wide collection of photographs on temples, deities, the Nature in its grandeur, like that of Mindhala Mata (Pangi), Churhmahadev(Simour) Kamaru (Sangla-Kinnour), Shikari Devi (Janjehali-Mandi), Suraj Tal and Chander Tal (Lahual & Spiti) Bara Bhangal (Kangra) and Holi (Chamba) landscapes, Nako lake in kinnaur, Dhankar, key and Tabo monastns in spiti valley are ample evidence of the Photographers insight into it. There are subject which his photograph 25 to 30 ago and now drastic change due to development activities has made those photograph monumental in comparison to the present day photograph of the same vary subject, such as a scene of Indira Market, Paddal Ground, Chohatta Bazaar, Bimhakali temple, so on and so forts. The photographer has taken tremendous pain to travel on foot and conduct photography with ordinary available Cameras. In his earlier period of photography roads were very few and at occasion had to travel on foot 70 to 80 km one way to rich his target area

The entry for the visitor is free despite the fact that there is no government assistance for its maintenance. The entire expenditure on the maintenance and replenishment of photographs is incurred why Birbal Sharma from own resources and donations from his friends and well-wishers. The gallery situated along road side on the left bank of river Beas house in from photo exhibition gallery library and displays section for antiques.

Any contribution towards library, antique section and financial assistance from like minded dignitaries is welcome.



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