Rukmani Kund, Bilaspur

        Legend is there that a newly married young lady named Rukmani was buried alive by the side of the spot selected for digging a Baoli (Tank) so that enough amount of water may flow-out of the land so that the water may be carried to the fields of her father-in-law as well as for drinking purposes.

      The water reservoir as is in sight in the photograph is situated beneath the Lime rocks which are in abundance on both sides of the reservoir. The water is permanent perhaps from centuries. As the geologists, and other scientist say that under such rocky formations a lot of fresh water ever remains in flow and does not exhaust even in thousands of years.

      As it is believed that Rukmani was sacrificed somewhere in the tunnel like place beyond the reservoir in sight does not suit to the reality of the reservoir which contained a big amount of fresh water even after hundreds of years of the episode. The sacrifice place is said to be one or one and half km beneath this reservoir. Anyway the place depicted in the photograph as Rukmani Kund is considered the place of sacrifice of Rukmani and a Mela (fair) has been started there since some years on the name of sacrificer. A small temple has also been constructed. It is the source of water supply for so many villages in the area.



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