A butterfly dance performance by school girls

         Now a days dance and music are additional subjects in the schools and sometimes in colleges keeping in view to educate the students (especially the girls) being the carriers of folk and other social/cultural traditions. The teachers of these subjects take liberty to get the learners acquainted with the novel approach for training them as per present day postures and actions. One may underline this truth looking at this group dance photograph.

          Evidently this is the group of ten school going bells in the age group of 12-15 years clad in cholis and chunies (on their heads) their wears are in fast red blue green dark yellow and light green Ghaghras. As per their style of holding the corners of the Ghaghras the entire scenes gives a look that it is a butter fly dance (colored butterflies). It appears as if the colored butterflies are attempting to jump on this or that bush. So nice a scene. The trainer and the dancers are also the subjects of welcome and the appreciation of  photograph and the insight keeping photographer deserves most. 



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