A group dance, Shivaratri fair Mandi

          Many a groups of folk dancers, folk singers and folk musicians are invited to demonstrate their cultural activities on the Seri Stage (Manch) made for the purpose of various performing cultural activities. One such folk dance is being demonstrated/played by the artists (Male and female both) from somewhere. They are clad in special dance costumes to look colorful and different from the people around.  They are in movement (in the postures of folk dance carrying there feet in order in rhythmatic way. The gents and lady folk singers continue the song on the mike to subordinate their actions. This way the performance becomes lively. The lady folk dancers are clad as you may see in colorful shawls and caps.

           The dancing group is from Kinnour as they have worn Kinnouri caps and the ladies are having Kinnouri ornaments also.  



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