A folk orchestra men, Mandi

       At the time of Mandi Shivaratri Fair the Deities (Male and female symbolic) are brought to the fair by the group of organizers of such in palanquins (Chariots) now a days at the invitation of the Government. They are brought in procession and taken back the same way. Alongwith the group of the people carrying the chariots of the Deities the folk orchestra also travels along to and fro.

       There are a number of musical instruments included in the folk orchestra which when used create loud noisy sounds. Sometimes the group of the musical blowers stands at some spot for reciting the godly music (in the form of sound only).

        You may yourself see a group of folk artists blowing Karnals in the snap taken by the photographer with a mission to bring forth the viewer the reality of the tradition. The photograph has been taken when the folk musicians were accompanying the deities; but are on stage at the moment.        



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