A Kinner Bell in Traditional Dress

        If one wants to know the traditions, the culture and lifestyle of the people of one area or the other he always would prefer to take photographs of the people. The area of Kinnour inspires everybody to take snaps of the people, mainly of the innocent and fair complexioned beautiful ladies (Young and the others) as well as all the common people. The reason always remains one get such snaps become the physical evidences of their traditions relative to wears.

         Here is a photograph of a young lady clad in Kinnouri shawl on her shoulder (colorful) a silver ornaments on her face in the ears and neck which have covered her face to such and extent that the viewer can not see her in her full appearance though the beauty of the lady can be estimated as good one. An another attraction is her hat on the head which is quite different of the hats which are sold in the bazaar. Practically this hat contains pieces of colored clothes related to the faith of the area.   



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