Kinnour Bells in traditional dress

       Whosoever goes to Kinner Pradesh eagerly wants to know the people, customs and culture and traditions of Kinner People. Kinners are considered Tribals  and they have been given this status by the Government under the provisions of Constitution of India.

        Geographically Kinner land (District Kinnour) is totally hilly and most of it snow-clad during the most of the period of the year. The people professionally had been the shepherd nomads and horse breeders. They have been relative to the work of domestic handicrafts. Especially the work of weaving shawls, mufflers, shocks and woolen clothes for coats etc are widely famous throughout the Country and outside. But the geographical condition have kept them under its severity obstacles during centuries. But even then the people of the area are very joyful and energetic. Now a days the Kinner people have a considerable number of highly posted officers and other important figures in the Government Departments as well as in private sector by virtue of the education and special facilities for the tribals.

        The Kinner Bells and ladies are very fond of wearing colorful dresses. The use of woolen shawls made of fine woolen fiber is their first liking alongwith woolen Chadders and cotton shirts (Colored). They decorate themselves with heavy silver ornaments and some golden also as and when they find time to organize a folk dance in some festivals or a marriage party or now a days in District level, State level functions organized by the Government for one or the other cultural functions. The photographer of this photo has specially taken his snap of the Kinner Bells which demonstrate their ornaments, shawl wearing and so on. It gives a nice look. Though the faces of the Kinnner Bells are covered with silver ornaments partially hiding their facing even then their beauty is obviously evident.       



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