Folk Dance of Mandi Interior

        Folk Dances, Folk Songs and Folk Music all are an art developed from the way of life of the people residing in Interiors of Mandi, Kullu, Mahasu (Shimla), Kinnour, Louhal Spiti, Solan and Sirmour, also of Bharmour of Chamba District.

         In all the areas mentioned above people have their male and female deities (perhaps the ancestors of Theirs) have been attached the one place or the other, one village or the other village; their places of worship or store them for worship, protection and security as the Deities so referred above because they are all in form of metal, wood and the stone idols. All this combined in to the native culture. Thus the dances, the song and the folk orchestra all are said to be the instruments of performances of all this items to please their Deities fair and festivals are organized in there name and their palanquins are carried to the place of fair and festivals. The folk orchestra leads the procession (Jatar) to the place.

         But now a days the folk dances (Natti), the folk music and playing of the folk musical instruments have been made the part of various State organized functions, School and College cultural performances (Tournaments and other competitive functions) and have been carried to the wasd  section of the population for amusement and entertainment .

          As you may see in the photograph that a team of folk dancer and the folk orchestra artist is sitting ready for the performance. As is told that the performance had been organized in respect of some State Representative or the Minister. 



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