Rajyasthani Dance By Young Bells

        Shivaratri Fair of Mandi Town is now a days of International status. It is famous for its cultural performance in the evenings which continue for 8 days. The local folk program performers, Artists  from various famous cultural organizations all over the Country and playback film singers present their colorful feats. Folk dances of Himachal Pradesh generally include Natties, Gidhas and some other general dances. Punjabi Bhangra and Gidha performances are included. If some groups from Haryana or Rajyasthan are invited then they perform Jhoomer etc.

         The photograph as can be seen here is of the group of young dancers of Rajyasthan. They are clad in their particular dance dress and ready to start the performance. White Cholies, red and yellow combine Ghaghras and Chudidar Salvars under the Ghaghras and Pajebs in feet are an attractive look. Identification as Rajsathani can be made of the yellow balls on their forehead which is the symbol of a married woman. It is probably a decorative precious stone ball. They are in the posture of starting dance.



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