Lauhali Nati

        The people of Lauhal-Spiti district live under hard climatic conditions. Whatsoever work they have been doing is always tough and energy consuming. Even then the people are generally found of fairs and festivals and of dancing and singing. Lauhal is beyond Rohtang-Pass and divided into three valleys these are Chandra valley, Bhaga valley and Chander Bhaga valley. Traditionally the people of Lauhal have been cattle breeders and nomads but also land cultivators.

         A photograph of women's collective dance is here. It seems that it is some specially organized performance as many people sitting behind the women standing for starting dance can be seen. Women are dressed in local traditional dancing wears which are of woolen clothes generally prepared by Lauhaly people these are long gowns and some additional decorative clothes and ornaments. There shoes look white bordered collective dance of the women of Lauhal is a type of Nati. The dance and the song sometimes go on together. One may imagine that the dance of the women will be interesting enough.

         The Lauhali women look like Tibbetean ladies as they have Mangolian type of faces. The language of the Lauhal valley also contain four and more dialects. Most of the inhabitants of Lauhal are Buddhists but Hindus also are in good number. 



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