A glimpse of Traditional Kinner Dresses and ornaments

        The colorful but typical dresses of the tribal women from Kinour attract everyone. For a photographer who has a craze for arresting various types of scenes related to customs, traditions etc which may become the material of historical importance in relation to the social life of the people proved a subject of internal satisfaction. The photograph is of a considerable big group of Kinner women folk dancers. All the ladies have worn a light black shawl as an underwear and others white shawls for the same purpose. almost every women wearing green jacket like wear and green Kinouri cap. It is also typical that they have tide pink pieces of cloth around their waist. Thus putting a division in their wear obviously everyone of them have put on lady shirts.

       To add to their traditional look everyone of them have put in silver ornaments especially the garlands. The long row of the dancers keenly looking towards the stage where some troop is performing the dance and  the troop seems to be in wait for its turn.



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