A Boy and girl in Kahika Utsav

       Kahika is one of the traditional ceremonial fair devoted to human sacrifice. One of the representative of a definite community named Beda is selected to be the person for sacrificial performance. The Gur of the deity at the place of the deity starts the performance by turning the person selected for the purposed the sacrifice (Though the act of sacrifice is not declared to be sacrifice and it is believed or said that he would be alive after specific declared time.). When turned unconscious he is carried as corps carried around the place (temple of the deity and then throughout the streets of the village).

     The people who they form the gathering and travel alongwith that so called corps go on speaking, abusing and making absurd posture till the ceremony is completed. The people, the children and adolescent also carry the symbols of penis and vagina and demonstrate all along as well as make posture of intercourse.

       A boy in the photograph is holding a penis made of wood and showing girls are standing around and people sitting behind. It is believed that by doing such a ceremonial performance the demons, witches, wizards and the bad souls run away from the area. The person turned unconscious and made corps sometimes used to die. In such cases his wife had the customary rights to take the compensation from the deity even by confiscating his belonging.       



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