Losar fair, Riwalsar, Mandi

       Losar is one of the important festivals of the Buddhists of Lauhol Spiti and Kinour. This festival is celebrated in some places of Lauhol Spiti and Kinour as well as in Riwalsar near District Head Quarter of Mandi District. The festival is a tribute to the Buddhists Gods or Tantric Lamas of the old times. The celebrations are made to worship Padam Shambhav and other Buddhists Lamas who are supposed to be the incarnation of one legendary Lama or the other. Celebration continue for two or three days in the Buddhist temple (Gompas) in Riwalsar. Riwalsar is considered to be the place of sacrifice of great Tantric Padam Shambhav alongwith Princess Mandrva daughter of some local Chief.

       The Buddhists sources claim/say that Padam Shambhav became alive again and the place was named by them as Padamasan. There are three Buddhists Monasteries at Riwalsar which are said to be of the Tibetans, Kinouras and Lauholas alongwith Spitvals. This festival is said to be devoted to the new years day of the Buddhists.



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