Prashar fair, Mandi

       Prashar is very beautiful hilly area in District Mandi approximately 40 km from District Head Quarter Mandi. Katola and Bagi are two places of business and  other activities on way. There is a small lake in between the circle of the hills which are of at to nine thousand feet from the sea level. There are thick woods beyond bagi of Oak, deodar and other species. The traveler on way to Prashar naturally enjoy the beauty of the natur.

      Parashar is known for centuries for its small circular lake where a floating piece of land put the visitor in suspense seeing this wonder of nature. It has also historical importance as a Pagoda type temple is said to have been constructed by the founding Prince of Mandi State Raja Ban Sen. The temple is devoted to legendary Sage Prashar of Mahabharta fame, the father of Ved Vyas who is said to be the author of great epic Mahabharta.

       People of the adjoining areas consider Prashar their deity and as and when the fairs and festivals are organized on the name of the deity worship also take place. In the photograph the local orchestra of the deity can be seen with their musical  instrument alongwith the Palanquin (Chariot)  of the deities brought by their followers to greet Prashar. The occasion seems to be some festival at Prashar.

      It is now a days a well publicizes tourist spot as it has been connected with Mandi and Kullu by motor able road and two rest houses also have been constructed for the travelers as well as others. In the winter the traveler may enjoy to see the snow, and snow falls. In the rainy season the greenery of this area is also very nice and attractive.   



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